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G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. is a complete fab automation manufacturing company located in Richardson, Texas.  We specialize in Semiconductor equipment applications, clean room furnishings, chemical wet processing, chemical storage & delivery, control systems, stainless steel furnishings, and much more.  Our combined experience in automation exceeds over 50 years.  Our technical expertise is unmatched, thus there is no project to "Small" or "Big". 

What We Do?
G2 has a reputation with it's customers in taking ideas from concept to reality in a very short time frame.  Many applications are custom and take an experienced team to get the job done, while displaying the highest quality of customer service and care. 

What To Expect?
G2 will stand behind it's products 100%.  No matter what the warranty period may be.  We are completely dedicated to our customers and there needs.  Our reputation is what has made us what we are today. 

How Our Process Works

1-866-6-G2ATEC or CHAT LIVE

Contact our inside sales department to request a quotation for what your looking for.  Our experienced sales staff will assist you throughout your order process. 

Our inside sales team will work together with our Head Of Engineering to find the best solution for your needs.  Engineering will then supply a quotation to be released to our customers.  This quotation will be detailed in price , delivery, & warranties.

With in 48 hours of your inquiry in most cases you will receive a quotation via email for the items you requested.  This will come in a .PDF format for your review.

Our inside sales support staff will confirm all items and send a order acknowledgement.  This is to ensure our customers understand the terms and conditions of our order ask

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Please email your request to : sales@g2automatedtechnologies.com

G2 Automated Technologies, LLC.
903 N. Bowser Ste. 300
Richardson, Texas 75081

Toll-free: 1-866-6-G2ATEC
Phone: 972-479-0699
Fax: 972-479-0717

E-mail: sales@g2automatedtechnologies.com
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